Plan the Perfect Party!

Have you ever thought about planning a party for someone and then gone off the idea because of everything involved?

It doesn’t have to be hard, it can even be enjoyable! Follow our 5 step plan to make the perfect party!


When planning where to have a party, location is EVERYTHING! Do you really want it in your house? It makes it more stressful, making sure the house is ready and tidy for people to come and mess it up again! Why not pick a venue and let them clear up at the end of the evening?

Guest List

Write down everyone you want to invite or, more importantly, who the person you are planning the party for would want to be there; friends from work etc. If it is a surprise then allocate a friend from each area of life to help you. i.e. Fiona from work can send you a list of colleagues, Tom from football can send you the email addresses of the team…

Theme It?

A theme is not for everyone, but it can be fun! From an 80’s night to a James Bond style, decide which will suit the party boy or girl the best.

Catering & Drinks

For a hassle free evening try to pick a venue that can take care of food and drink for you, then all you need to do is speak to them about the menu. Most places will tailor a menu to your event; remember to agree timings for the food. It is always good to have some food available on arrival and then more as the evening goes on.


Depending on what the budget is for your party, you can have a mix; a live band followed by a DJ or maybe a DJ with casino tables. Think about how your entertainment fits in with your theme and whether the person whose party it is will enjoy it.

The whole process of having a party should be enjoyable! We love organising parties at The Arlington, so whether you have a surprise 40th or your Mum’s 60th we would love to help make the occasion special and one to remember.

Why not get in touch for a no obligation chat about holding a party at The Arlington Ballroom?