Why I Love Cabaret

As soon as the lights are dimmed and the drinks poured you are transported back a hundred years. You find yourself in a quaint underground bar, seeing glimpses of glittery costumes through a haze of smoke. Cabaret performances make woman feel empowered, sexy and intelligent as they catch an entire audience’s attention to tell a story, make a mockery of current events and entertain.

The typical cabaret performance cannot be defined, that’s its true beauty. It will tell you a story; whether it be introspective & gentle, envelope-pushing, bawdy or hilarious. This story telling, can combine many skills including dance, acting, music, humour, and even magic.

Moulin Rouge poster

In recent years Cabaret and variety shows have become particularly popular on hen do’s. Advertised as a lavish night of debauchery… They aren’t wrong! The provide a form of entertainment that will suit every taste. From Drag acts to stand up comedy. A truly entertaining night for everybody that cannot be missed or passed up.


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