Tips for a Relaxed Hen Party... for Any Budget

In this day and age, hen parties can go on for days! Some brides hold one hen party at home and another abroad. Some make ridiculously expensive requests of their guests, who find that they’re spending thousands of pounds a year on a few hen nights.

This writer, for example, spent around £2,000 on her friend’s hen party activities: which included a villa in Ibiza, salsa lessons and themed pool parties… ouch.

But hen parties shouldn’t feel like a competitive rush! We’ve put together some tips for having a relaxed, fun hen party that won’t break the bank.

Decide who you really want at your hen party

Don’t feel you have to invite every lady you’ve ever met. Just like your wedding day, you hen night should be a fun occasion with your loved ones - so don’t feel guilty if your guest list only consists of your mum, your sister, your best friend from school and your sister-in-law! Conversely, if you have a big group of good friends, consider what you could all do as a group. Perhaps a night out in a bar or a dinner, as opposed to a spa day or weekend trip?

Don’t expect your guests to have the same expectations as you

Cupcakes at a hen party

Remember that different guests are on different salaries, with different family lives. Some might have a lot of disposable income and expect to be swept off their feet by a fancy night out or weekend away. Others might consider a night in a bar with some funny props a big night out.

So with that in mind…

Decide on your budget early

It might be best to speak to your guests in person before deciding what you’re going to do or where. What seems cheap for you might not be for your friends! Estimate what the event or trip will cost and run it past your guests. Don’t forget to factor in drinks, food, etc!

If you’re really keen to do something a bit quirky, why not do a cupcake baking workshop or arts and crafts workshop?

Keep it local

Orange Cocktail.jpg

It might sound like fun to jet off on a city break, but do you really want to put yourself and your guests under that sort of stress and financial pressure? Why not spend an evening at your favourite restaurant after a day in a local spa, then head out to a party night? We get a lot of hen dos at our Club Classics nights, for example - some dress up in 1920s outfits, which we love! By keeping your hen party local, you’re ensuring everyone can get home easily and cheaply, without forking out for a hotel or flight tickets.