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State of Mind & Performance Seminar

State of mind and its effects on mental wellbeing and performance is a hot topic. Whether that's for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals in business. For athletes, academics, or people who just want to do well generally and be happy in life. Yet many of the ideas and methodologies shared about how to get the best from our state of mind are actually keeping us further from achieving our potential and realising our innate wellbeing. Piling on more and more pressure instead.

This is a State of Mind & Performance seminar with a difference. Instead of looking at behaviours we can change to improve our state of mind, we look at the understanding that prevents us from just feeling great anyway and working from there.  Local State of Mind & Business Coach Vicky Kelly is being joined by an awesome guest speak over from America.  Garret Kramer. Author of “Stillpower” and “The Path of No Resistance” He works with top level business professionals and Olympic athletes.

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